Corporate Social Responsibility

Lakeland Dairies has a heritage of excellence in dairying spanning over 120 years.  It is an internationally recognised supplier of superb dairy ingredients and foodservice products with an outstanding mix of high quality raw materials, modern processing facilities and a highly skilled workforce.    

We are a responsible, competitive, profitable and sustainably managed business, constantly investing in our future, meeting customer needs and creating long term value for our stakeholders.  Our continuing success derives both from the rural communities and the international business markets in which we operate.  We are committed to our corporate social responsibilities at a local, national and international level.

In the Community

Lakeland Dairies is embedded in the local communities in which we operate. We provide direct high quality employment across our operations for over 700 employees. We indirectly support many thousands of jobs at farm level and in our supplying companies across the wider community. We actively seek ways to support local communities to achieve their goals and objectives and to enhance their participation and growth in society and the economy.

In the Workplace

Lakeland Dairies places a high value on each and every one of our employees.  We offer a work environment where there are equal opportunities, fairness, inclusiveness, mutual respect and diversity. We are a company that employs competent, responsible and committed people, who are empowered to make an active contribution to our growth and success.  We believe in our employees. We actively encourage personal development through training, the attainment of further qualifications and the opening of internal opportunities within the organisation. 

The health, safety and wellbeing of our employees is also our key focus where we always seek to operate beyond best practice standards.  Our policies and procedures are continually reviewed to enable a supportive, safe and accident-free workplace.  Our employees are at the centre of our health and safety programmes where we work collaboratively together to achieve the objective of Zero Harm across the organisation.

In the Environment

Verifiable, environmentally sustainable business practices are intrinsic to our success as a company. It is our absolute policy to manage our environmental performance, to protect our environmental heritage and to ensure the long term sustainability of our business today, tomorrow and long into the future.

All manufacturing plants operate Environmental Management Systems to ISO 14001:2004 accreditation.  These systems and practices are used to achieve continual improvement in waste water management, water usage, emissions to atmosphere, energy reduction and in the reduction, re-use and recycling of waste. 

All plants adhere to the highest regulatory standards and requirements including those governing Emissions and Integrated Pollution Control.

Lakeland Dairies is a member of the EU Emissions Trading Scheme which we use to manage our carbon responsibilities.  Carbon footprint is monitored, evaluated and recorded throughout the organisation.

We are a highly energy efficient organisation including the use of renewable energies and Combined Heat and Power Plants.

Lakeland Dairies is hugely proactive in the area of packaging waste reduction and management.  We are an award winning member of the recycling organisation Repak and are compliant with all regulations concerning waste management and recycling.

In Food Safety

Lakeland Dairies is one of Ireland’s most reputable dairy processors. With that comes a commitment to always deliver for our stakeholders and customers -  to provide quality services and to bring only the highest quality products into the marketplace.

We are committed to the protection of our customers, consumers and our brands through the implementation and continuous improvement of our Food Safety Management Systems. Based on HACCP principles, and incorporating customer and regulatory requirements, we have robust systems that drive our operations to the highest levels of quality and safety accreditation.

Traceability is at the heart of our systems from ‘farm to fork’.

Our dedication to food safety is fully implemented in our employee training programme where we ensure that all employees understand their responsibility in the achievement of our objectives as a food manufacturer whose business is built on trust, compliance and commitment.