Business Review 2019

Lakeland Dairies has achieved a positive outcome for 2019 based on a commitment to excellence in everything we do and a strong performance across all operating divisions. 

This has created a platform of continuing stability and a strong basis for further progress, growth and development to be achieved in the long term interests of our farm families and for the industry leading customers who we serve worldwide. We are delivering on our strategic objectives across every aspect of our organisation and will continue to do so. This has been done while leveraging from additional revenue streams and the overall synergies achieved by the merger of Lakeland Dairies and LacPatrick Dairies which created the newly constituted Lakeland Dairies Co-operative Society Ltd in April of last year. The success of the merger process to date has demonstrated the true potential for Lakeland Dairies to realise its strategic plans for continuing growth and development in the decades ahead. 

Group Revenues €1.03bn

Lakeland Dairies achieved record revenues of €1.03bn in 2019 which increased by €224.6m (+27.7%) on the prior year figure of €810.5m. This yielded an Operating Profit of €20.5m, up by €2.97m (+16.9%), and EBITDA (Earnings Before Interest, Tax, Depreciation & Amortisation) of €42.9m which increased by €9.3m. Lakeland Dairies concluded the year with a significantly enhanced balance sheet including Shareholders’ Funds of €197.2m. 

Food Ingredients €583.8m

Food Ingredient revenues increased by 19% to €583.8m, based on overall positive trading conditions, strong demand for our functional and enriched powders, proteins and dairy fats, and organic growth across the combined ingredients operations of both former societies.

Foodservice €239m

The Foodservice Division delivered revenues of €239m and continued to build value across its customer base in every continent worldwide. A 3% reduction in revenue is reflective of the decrease in global butter prices experienced during the year, however product volumes increased in all territories including Ireland, the UK and International markets.

Consumer Foods €139.7m

Following from the merger of Lakeland Dairies and LacPatrick Dairies, we welcomed a dedicated Consumer Foods Division into our organisation. Consumer Foods includes sales of liquid milk, butter, cream and buttermilk through networks including multiple retailers, convenience stores, service stations, newsagents and other channels to market. Consumer Foods delivered a solid performance in 2019 in line with expectations, yielding revenues of €139.7m for the year with all categories providing growth.

Agribusiness €72.4m

2019 was a further successful year for Lakeland Dairies’ Agribusiness Division where revenues at €72.4m were in line with budget expectations. Feed volumes of over 210,000 tonnes and fertiliser volume of over 27,000 tonnes were moderately reduced reflecting more favourable grass growing and farming conditions when compared to a challenging 2018. 


Lakeland Dairies is taking the threat of a poor Brexit deal extremely seriously. In the four years since the UK electorate voted to leave the EU, we have been putting systems and structures in place to best mitigate against the threat of a poor deal Brexit. To continue the growth of our business and the prosperity of our farm families, it is our desire to see a continuation of the free trade - which has served our business well - into the future.


The current COVID-19 pandemic is a very serious crisis for everyone on the island of Ireland and globally. While the impact of COVID-19 is not reflected in any manner in our results for 2019, it is likely that the economic shutdown and reduced demand for dairy being experienced during the crisis in 2020 will impact on our revenues for the current year. It is essential for us all to continue every possible initiative and precaution to keep the virus out of Lakeland Dairies and I thank you for all of your efforts in this regard to date. We must stay vigilant on a constant basis and never let our guard down. There is no room for any possible relaxation of the necessary measures we have in place across our organisation and which must be adhered to at all times.

A Sustainable Future

All of us are committed to a bright and sustainable future for Lakeland Dairies. We are driven by delivering further value and long-term sustainability for our 3,200 farm families, north and south, providing competitive advantage for our global customers in 80 markets with high quality dairy food ingredients, foodservice and consumer products that provide satisfaction and wholesome nutrition for millions of people worldwide every day. Let us further renew our energy and ambition for this excellent co-operative knowing that, together we are stronger.

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