Consumer Foods

Lakeland Dairies produces high-quality, wholesome and delicious milk, butter, cream and yogurt products for consumers across the island of Ireland.

‘Champion’ Brand

Champion is a leading player in the liquid milk and butter markets. It is positioned with all key strategic retail partners and is a major player in the midlands, border and north east regions of Ireland. The same high-quality milk and butter which is used in Champion is also supplies a wide range of retail and own brand products.

‘Ballyrashane’ Brand

Ballyrashane branded butter and liquid milk is enjoyed by consumers throughout Northern Ireland.

As well as the Champion and Ballyrashane brands, liquid milk is supplied to high-profile retail chains across the island.

Milk products are available in the following varieties:

  • Whole milk
  • Semi-Skimmed Milk
  • 1% Milk
  • Skimmed Milk

Liquid milk products are available in the following sizes:

  • 189ml;
  • 250ml;
  • 1 pint;
  • 1 litre;
  • 2 litre;
  • 3 litre;
  • 3-gallon; and
  • 50gallon plastic bag-in-boxes.


Lakeland Dairies produces the highest quality cream under both the Champion and Ballyrashane brands, as well as for a number of retail and food manufacturing customers.

Cream is available in a variety of sizes and packaging formats:

  • 227ml, 250ml, 2L and 4L
  • 20 Litre, 1 Gallon, 3 Gallon, 1 tanker (bulk)


Lakeland Dairies butter is available to international, national and regional retail customers through our own brands and for private label.

As well as serving blue-chip retailers at home and abroad, we manufacture and supply texturised butter for food manufacturing, where we operate the only bespoke texturised butter manufacturing facility in Northern Ireland.

The Champion brand is a market leader in the midlands, border and north-east regions while this high-quality butter is also used by most of the major national retailers across the island.

Our butter products include:

  • Sweet cream butter – salted & unsalted
  • Lactic butter – salted & unsalted organic sweet cream salted & unsalted
  • Organic butter – unsalted lactic
  • Whey butter – salted & unsalted, and Soft Winter Butter

Butter is packed in a wide range of sizes and formats for retail, catering and manufacturing customers:

  • Retail: 100g, 200g, 227g, 250g, 454g & 500g
  • Food manufacturing: 500g, 2kg, 10kg, 12.5kg & 20kg
  • Food Service/Catering: 7g portions


Lakeland Dairies provides a wide range of high-quality yoghurt and cultured buttermilk for retail customers as well as for many major retail brands.

Eight different filling lines provide multiple capabilities across key packaging formats and sizes including:

For retail customers: 125g – 500g across split pots, cluster pots and single pots, which can be packed in cardboard sleeves, flow-wraps or as singles in trays or shelf ready packaging.

For food manufacturing:  25kg bag in box and 1000 Litre pallecons.


Since 1997, our Ballyrashane site has been producing a specialist hand-crafted Regato cheese exclusively for, and through, our Greek partners Daniel S. Gattegno & Son S.A

Regato is a hard style Cheese with a distinctive sweet piquant aroma and sharp flavour, it has a creamy yellow colour with a firm open texture and is suitable for frying and is also enjoyed as an eating cheese or as an alternative to Italian style grated cheese.

The cheese is made using a basket style mould and each wheel weighs approximately 2.6kgs.


Two types of buttermilk are produced across our sites for supply both to retail and food manufacturing customers.

Cultured buttermilk is traditionally used for home-made bread such as wheatens, soda breads and pancakes.

Sweet buttermilk or ex-churn buttermilk is often used in the manufacture of sauces or substitute cream products.

Our buttermilk is available in a variety of sizes and packaging formats:

  • Buttermilk for retail customers: available in 500ml, 1 litre, 2 litre packs;
  • Culinary Buttermilk for food manufacturing: available in 3-gallon and 5-gallon packs, 10-gallon lined plastic cans, 4-litre and 20-litre packs and as a bulk loads.