Research & Development

We believe that to maintain our position as a global supplier of dairy Ingredients we need to continue the development of our core customer solutions. We have a dedicated R & D team within the food ingredients division with a culture of continuous efficiency improvements embedded in our philosophy which delivers results.

Lakeland Dairies Food Ingredients have invested in many new technologies over the years which are inherently important to differentiate our ingredients which deliver the nutritional, functionality and cost-effective solutions worldwide to our customers. To maintain this position our R & D, quality and production teams all participate in collaborative projects with some of the most knowledgeable people in dairy technology. These comprises of researchers from dairy research institutes like Teagasc and leading academics Universities in dairy science within Ireland and abroad. This is vital to our fundamental success.

Food Ingredients dedication to use the latest science and technology advancement in dairy ingredients is at the heart of what we strive to achieve.

Our core competencies which are built on expertise in dairy and non-dairy based food ingredients provide the following bespoke solutions like:

  • Formulation to customer applications
  • Nutritional powder solutions
  • Cost effective nutritional solutions
  • Packaging solutions

Today’s innovation will be for tomorrow’s success. Investments in the latest technologies and continue developments in formulated solutions will ensure Lakeland Dairies food ingredient division continue to be the Ingredient solutions provider of choice.