Food Ingredients

Food Ingredients

The food ingredients division of Lakeland Dairies is a global supplier of the highest quality dairy based ingredients including milk powders, proteins and dairy fats.

Our technologically advanced facilities operate to the highest international standards of excellence in food production. We are dedicated to the provision of superior ingredients with maximum functionality and optimal nutritional value for a wide variety of applications. This is underpinned by an expert global logistics capability and excellent customer service.

Lakeland Dairies operates six major food ingredients manufacturing centres. These Centres of Excellence in Dairy Processing supply ingredients that are further processed by our customers into a range of products which are consumed daily in key global markets across Africa, Asia, Europe and North and South America.

The starting point for our ingredients is the naturally produced milk which we collect daily from high quality farms situated in a green and unspoiled landscape. From this natural source of goodness, we harvest the various constituents of milk to create customised food ingredients for our clients under internationally recognised quality standards.

Lakeland Dairies is a long standing supplier of choice for leading food companies across the world.  Throughout our business, we pursue quality, flexibility and reliability in meeting customer needs.  We achieve this from a platform of manufacturing excellence that is underpinned by long term sustainability in farming and environmental practices.