Fat-Filled Milk Powder


Fat-Filled Milk Powder

Our fat-filled milk powder is a highly nutritious and functional dairy ingredient produced using a combination of peak quality skimmed milk and vegetable fat. It’s a staple in global markets due to its quality, consistency, flavour and functionality. Fat-filled milk powder is a great economical substitute for whole milk powder in many applications, including dairy drinks, yoghurts, coffee and tea whiteners.

Lakeland Dairies offers fat-filled milk powder in a variety of specifications tailored to meet your individual needs. These include:

  • Instant/Non-instant
  • Fortified with vitamin A and vitamin D
  • Varying protein and fat levels
  • Responsibly sourced palm oil or coconut oil based fat-filled milk powder

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Fat-Filled Milk Powder

Product Features

Key characteristics
– Dairy taste and creamy mouthfeel
– White to light cream or yellow colour
– Instant quality
– Affordable solution
– Source of functional dairy solids
– Easy handling and storage

Nutritional benefits
Lakeland Dairies fat-filled milk powder also provides your consumers with a host of nutritional benefits:
– Major source of vitamins, minerals and trace elements
– Excellent source of highly digestible proteins
– Good source of essential amino acids

Lakeland Dairies experts will work with you to tailor our fat-filled milk powder’s functionality according to the specific needs of your markets. Some examples include:
– Nutritional profile
– Flavour consistency
– Oxidative stability
– Protein stability in hot beverages

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Product Features

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