Full Cream Milk Powder


Full Cream Milk Powder

Rich, creamy and versatile, our full cream milk powder is produced using fresh Irish whole milk and packed full of natural goodness. We preserve the milk’s natural nutrients by spray drying it on-site, allowing you to provide your consumers with a major source of key vitamins and minerals.

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LP Whole Milk Powder

Lakeland Dairies facilities also produce the specialist LP brand of milk powders. The LP whole milk powder is a respected market leader, predominantly distributed throughout Africa. LP whole milk powder is a specialist product, perfectly suited to applications in yoghurts or drinking yoghurts.

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Full Cream Milk Powder

Product Features

Key characteristics
– Creamy mouthfeel and dairy flavour
– White to light cream colour
– Source of functional dairy solids
– Wide variety of specifications
– Consistent quality and composition
– Easy handling and storage

Nutritional benefits
– Great source of major minerals particularly calcium, phosphorous, magnesium, potassium and trace elements
– Contains naturally occurring water and fat soluble vitamins
– Excellent source of highly digestible proteins

– Ice cream
– Chocolate
– Bakery
– Long life milk

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Product Features

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