Our Butter


Our Butter

One of the most traditional, natural foods on the planet and one of Ireland’s most valued treasures. Irish butter is renowned the world over for its naturally golden hue and deliciously rich creamy taste. Our dairy cows enjoy a healthy, grass-based diet that makes our butter packed full of vitamins and minerals too.

Our Range

From salted and unsalted to cultured, Lakeland Dairies offers a variety of butters to suit any recipe. Our butter’s impactful and unforgettable flavour makes it the perfect addition for recipes in bakery and confectionery.



Unsalted lactic

Our Butter

Naturally Grass-Fed Island of Ireland

The Lakeland Dairies grass-fed mark guarantees that the product is Irish, and the milk used is from our farmers grass-fed cows.


On average, our cows spend 200 days outdoors per year – depending on the weather and around 90% of their diet is grass based.

Source: Combination of figures calculated from Farmer and Independent surveys.

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Naturally Grass-Fed Island of Ireland

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