Skim Milk Powder


Skim Milk Powder

Our skim milk powder is produced using fresh, whole Irish milk. Milk assembly is carefully monitored at farm level by our dedicated farmers and further verified through our stringent quality management programmes. Our teams then tailor the specific properties of the skimmed milk powder to meet your exacting requirements.

We process our skim milk powder in our advanced facilities where fresh whole milk is carefully pasteurised, separated, evaporated and spray dried on-site to produce a fine, free-flowing milk powder with a natural cream colouring. Its colour is the natural result of our dairy cows’ healthy grass-based diet, a true testament to the natural goodness of Lakeland Dairies Irish dairy ingredients.

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Skim Milk Powder

Product Features

Key characteristics
– Dairy taste
– White to light cream milk powder
– Low fat content
– Source of functional dairy solids
– Broad assortment of specifications
– Three heat treatment ranges
– Regular quality and composition
– Easy handling and storage

Nutritional benefits
– Natural source of calcium, vitamins and minerals
– Excellent source of highly digestible proteins
– Contains essential amino acids

– Recombined evaporated milk
– UHT milk
– Condensed milk
– Confectionery

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Product Features

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